Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Repost: Use Your Freedom To Write Wrongs

Amnesty International
About a year ago I posted this picture that was used as part of a human rights campaign by Amnesty International. Recently someone posted a comment asking about it, and I realized that without context part of the impact might be lost.
A.I. altered the original photo, (shown below) which at the time was one of the most widely known images of the Vietnam War.

From the BBC:
It shows the South Vietnamese General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong officer with a single shot to the head.

Photographs do not tell the whole truth, however. The prisoner had just killed at least eight people, which is what led Gen Loan to carry out the execution.

The image was to change the public perception of the war and haunted Gen Loan until his death.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Texas Woman Claims to Have Found Mythical 'Chupacabra'

Phylis Canion lived in Africa for four years. She's been a hunter all her life and has the mounted heads of a zebra and other exotic animals in her house to prove it. But the roadkill she found last month outside her ranch was a new one even for her, worth putting in a freezer hidden from curious onlookers: Canion believes she may have the head of the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra.
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Man Dies 40 years after being shot, Shooter charged with murder.

Four decades after Officer Walter T. Barclay was shot while trying to stop a beauty salon burglary, the gunman who left him paralyzed is being charged with murder, the district attorney said Tuesday.
Barclay died two weeks ago of an infection at age 64. The city's deputy medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, saying it stemmed from the gunshot wound Barclay suffered back in 1966.

"When you set in motion a chain of events, a perpetrator of a crime is responsible for every single thing that follows from that chain of events no matter how distant," District Attorney Lynne Abraham said Tuesday in announcing the murder charge.

The shooter, William Barnes, is now 71. He served a 15-year sentence for attempted murder after the shooting and now works in a supermarket while living at a halfway house.

Republican hypocrisy on moral values

The devil decries evil.
Virtue is his guise
To find the hidden villain
Listen for the loudest voice.

Daily Kos has an alphabetical list of the current sex scandals of the Republican "family value" crew. Some you may remember, some you may have forgot.
Ted Haggart, Mark Foley, David Vitter, Bob Allen, and Larry Craig are just the latest crop of hypocrites.

Examples of Republican Sex Scandals
Republican Sex Scandals

Whistleblowers on Iraqi Fraud Facing Penalties

One after another, the men and women who have stepped forward to report corruption in the massive effort to rebuild Iraq have been vilified, fired and demoted.
Via Forbes Magazine

The Great Iraq Swindle - Rolling Stone

How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury:
According to the most reliable ­estimates, we have doled out more than $500 billion for the war, as well as $44 billion for the Iraqi reconstruction effort. And what did America's contractors give us for that money? They built big steaming shit piles, set brand-new trucks on fire, drove back and forth across the desert for no reason at all and dumped bags of nails in ditches.
Read The Great Iraq Swindle - Via Rolling Stone