Monday, May 22, 2006

More on John McCain protest at New School

Interesting background to the protest at John McCain's commencement address at The New School. McCain was there at Kerrey's invitation against the student's wishes. So it would seem was Kerrey.

MAUREEN DOWD: Make Poetry, Not War
"When a rigid-faced Mr. Kerrey chided the audience for being rude, a young woman yelled out, "You're a war criminal!" And a guy chimed in, "Yes, you are!"

It was a remarkable tableau to see the two iconoclastic vets, their bodies beneath the black gowns still bearing broken pieces from Vietnam, being pilloried by kids angry about another endless war, faceless enemy and feckless defense secretary.

Senator McCain came to Mr. Kerrey's defense in 2001. That's when graduate students called for the New School president to resign and for Congress to investigate him because a Times magazine piece had revealed that he had led a Seals unit that killed up to 20 unarmed civilians, most of them women and children."

It doesn't seem so much like "their beloved" University President was inviting a controversial guest. "Their unwelcomed University President was inviting an unwelcomed guest. Sorta changes things.

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