Monday, March 26, 2007

Listen to Radiohead - Drunken Punch Up at a Wedding

Is it just me or can this guy just not sing at all?
Question is .. Why do I love this song?

I'm no fan of American Idol or that "style" of singing, yet try to imagine Thom Yorke showing up warbling like that for the "judges". That would make the blooper reel for sure. I can just hear Simon Cowell telling him he has no talent and yet...
According to Wikipedia:
"Radiohead's latest and sixth album, "Hail to the Thief", reached sales of 300,000 during its first week of retail availability, according to Billboard. Although the figures are only high enough to earn it the third spot on the Billboard 200, they are nevertheless higher than Radiohead's two preceding records in their first week: "Kid A"'s 207,000 copies entered at No. 1, while "Amnesiac" debuted at No. 3 with 231,000 copies."

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