Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lifestye Pets - Ashera Kittens $22,000

At first sight always a gasp. Then questions. Is it a mini-leopard?
As one of the exclusive owners of an Ashera, you own the world's rarest and most exotic breed of domestic breed of cat. Developed by blending two exotic feline bloodlines with the domestic cat, the distinctive result is the Ashera. Featuring leopard like spots and contrasting stripes, the Ashera can reach a weight of thirty pounds (fourteen kilos) Lifestyle Pets Inc. developed the Ashera by way of a proprietary blend of the exotic bloodlines of the African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat subsequently bred with a domestic cat.

The Ashera is priced at $22,000, plus any applicable sales taxes and is due at time of order.
All Ashera kittens are hand delivered to their new owners and hand carried on the transporting aircraft by a Lifestyle Pets representative. Total cost of delivery within the United States is approximately $1,500; outside of the USA we will quote you by location.
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Anonymous said...

If you take a bengal (which is a domesticated cat mixed with an asian leopard cat) and mate it with a serval....isn't that the same exact thing as a savannah? Most savannah breeders either use egyptian mau's or bengal's to mate with their servals. My savannah has blood lines from an asian leopard cat, serval, and a domestic. It is 24lbs at 11 months of age. Does this make him an "ashera?" He is an F2 that I purchased for $4, where near $22.000!

Anonymous said...


lifestyle pets is ripping innocent ppl off

and its not good to mix servals with bengals or other cats besides domestics or savannas..

these ppl are a joke

Anonymous said...

No. That's not what is. Savannahs are domestic cats with asian leopard cat but Asheras are 50% serval and 50% asian leopard cat. While Ashera's are more expensive, they make for a better cat. Thanks.