Saturday, August 16, 2008

i am neurotic.

People confess their neurosis anonymously, and then people comment on them, often confessing they sare the same problem.
Here's a few recent examples:
spitty lunch meat
If the clerk behind the deli counter at the grocery store speaks to me at all while my lunchmeat is on the scale, I have to go home and throw away the first two slices of meat from both sides of the package. The fear of spit from them talking to me landing on my lunchmeat is overwhelming, and the only way it is safe to eat is by removing the contaminated pieces. I have to remove from both ends because i am never sure which way they placed the meat into the little ziploc bag.

drink contamination
I cannot drink from an open mouth cup. There must always be a lid, cap, napkin, something over it when I am not drinking. The thought of dust or other disgusting microscopic particles falling into my drink makes me nauseous.

Go confess

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