Friday, May 25, 2007

Decline and fall of the neocons

An excellent article from the Times of London on what Paul Wolfowitz’s ousting from the world bank means for the Neocon movement.

"As Tony Blair was bidding farewell to President George W Bush in the Rose Garden on Thursday, the World Bank was preparing to kick out Paul Wolfowitz as president. Allies to the left and right in the Iraq war were falling by the wayside that day.

Was he responsible for Blair’s departure from office, Bush was asked. There had to be a reason why a prime minister who had never lost an election was being dumped. “Could be . . . I don’t know,” the president mused above the distant chant of war protesters outside the White House gates."

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My favorite comment was this:

The chickens have finally come home to roost. I believe all of this ---- the Iraq War; the Patriot Act (nothing but an onslaught on the basic liberties of all US citizens under the guise of security); Rumsfeld and Cheney their cronies; Tony Blair, etc , are by products of the coup d'e'tat in 2000. Yes, it happened in America, except the clothing was expensive business suits instead of GI uniforms.

Whoever heard of an election decided by the state governed by the sibling of the winner (under suspicious circumstances) and certified by appointees of the winner's Father? The people of the USA should never again refer to another country as a "banana republic". This will be one of US history's most shameful administrations.

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