Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Republican Sex Offender caught in the act

Hey Johnny Cakes ....

A tearful Florida Rep. Bob Allen said Thursday that he is not guilty of soliciting an undercover male officer for sex and had no intention of resigning his House seat.

Police arrested Allen Wednesday afternoon at a Titusville park bathroom after officials said he offered to perform oral sex on an undercover officer and to pay the officer $20 for the opportunity. He faces one charge of solicitation, a second-degree misdemeanor, and posted $500 bond later Wednesday and was released from the Brevard County jail.

Personally I wouldn't care a whit but here's Bathroom Bob's Legislation

The representative sponsored HR 597 - Sexual Solicitation and Abuse-last legislative session. The bill-adopted 4/27/2007- encourages the education of parents and children regarding the dangers of sexual solicitation and the abuse of youth.


HOUSE BILL 1475 Sponsor: Rep. Bob Allen (R-Merritt Island). This bill broadens the scope of Section 800.04 of the Florida Statutes. That section specifically addresses "lewd or lascivious exhibition," including public masturbation. HB 1475 broadens the scope of 800.04 to include lewd acts committed in the presence of those of any age, not just those under the age of 16, as the existing law specifies. HB 1475 does not mention 800.03 at all, but it increases the penalty for lewd acts under 800.04.

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