Monday, July 23, 2007

MS patient misdiagnosed as insane

A Quebec woman is looking for redress after her husband was misdiagnosed as being insane.
Turns out, he actually had multiple sclerosis.
Anatole Otis was 50-years-old when his health began to deteriorate 14 years ago.
A neurologist told him he was insane.
A T-Q-S news report says it wasn't until 2004, 14 years after his initial diagnosis, that a second neurologist discovered the truth.
His wife, Carmen Plourde, believes appropriate medication would have slowed the disease's progression.
Otis has been confined to a bed for several years.
The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada says the disease was difficult to diagnose as recent as the early 1990's.
Still, the group is stunned a neurologist confused multiple sclerosis with a mental illness.
Via 940AM (Montreal)


elcap said...

Hmmm, so maybe I don't have MS. Maybe I'm just insane!

steco said...

too easy