Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brown Says Bush Was Fully Briefed on Katrina

Via Pensito Review

Michael Brown tells NBC News that President Bush was fully informed prior to landfall that Hurricane Katrina would likely destroy New Orleans:

“We ought to get mad at the President… The alarm bells were being sounded on Sunday. Because not only was I having conferences with the President on the telephone, but he was also on the video conference with all of the state emergency managers.”

This means that while the president was cavorting across the country, strumming the guitar, cutting up with John McCain and birthday cake and sleeping peacefully in San Diego, he knew that Americans were drowning in the flooded streets or clinging for dear life on rooftops.

It also means that he was lying on Good Morning America that week when he said:

“No one could have anticipated that the levees would be breached.”

He had been fully aware that the breach could happen, but lied to Diane Sawyer that morning to cover his ass.

Poor Brownie. Karl is going to smear him like peanut butter.

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