Thursday, February 16, 2006

Voter Machine Fraud: Its not just for Conspiracy Theorists anymore.

The Carpetbagger reports that citing accuracy problems, Maryland will no longer use Diebold machines.

"In the letter sent by Maryland's Republican governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. to the State Board of Elections on Wednesday, he declares that he "no longer [has] confidence in the State Board of Elections’ ability to conduct fair and accurate elections in 2006."

Citing the "widespread national concern about the reliability and security of electronic voting systems," the decertification and denial of certification of Diebold around the country, and the need to "get aggressive in responding to citizens' concerns over public confidence in the elections system," Ehrlich says it's time to demand paper ballots once again in the State of Maryland."

If you forgot....
After the resignation of Diebold president Walden O'Dell, who promised to deliver Ohio in 2004 for Bush, a class action law suit was filed by stockholders alledging Diebold hid financial trouble arising from accuracy problems with their machines.

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