Thursday, July 06, 2006

Murray Waas: A Reporter's Bias

A must read for politcal junkies of any stripe, especially in light of the current NYT controversy. Reporter Murray Waas meets 2 Vietnam Vets at the memorial and makes a promise. Too bad there aren't more reporters like Murray.

From the page: "With Vietnam, you had the Pentagon Papers, but that was how many years into the war? What if we had known that stuff years earlier? The war would have ended earlier," Carlson's friend tells me.

"Then he pledges: "I'll support... the fighting men in [this] conflict. But if there was political manipulation to get us into this war... you will see me in the streets. You will see me at train stations. And at the military bases. I'm going to get clubbed. I'm going to resist.""

After listening to Carlson and his friend, I made a promise: I was going to write a series of articles about the government policies that had led the run-up to war. Those who served in the war and their families--and the families who had lost loved ones--wouldn't have to wait a generation to learn the truth. I was going to write about the subject contemporaneously. And I was going to do it by obtaining the government's own highly classified files and making them public.

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