Saturday, July 01, 2006

Turning the tables on the Scammers

Just too much fun. turning the tables on scammers, and making them pose for ridiculous photos like this
419eaters is a site dedicated to scamming the scammers. People trying to rip you off through ebay or usually through a 419 scam. A 419 scam starts as a spam from someone who identifies themself as an exile looking for your help to recover their vast fotune, for a small fee of course. Thats where the scam begins. So what is scambaiting? Well, put simply, you enter into a dialogue with scammers, simply to waste their precious time and resources. Whilst you are doing this, you will be helping to keep the scammers away from real potential victims and screwing around with the minds of deserving thieves. 419eaters turns the tables.. No one was harmed, just a few egos brusied. Go take a look.

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