Thursday, July 13, 2006

"We've lost Iraq" - Ron Reagan

Iraq is over. There will be no Rose Garden announcement. Network anchors will not pronounce it so. You will not see it printed above the fold. But, trust me, we’re through.

Iraqis see our troops as rapists and murderers. The neighborhoods of Baghdad are devolving into mayhem. Our military brass is eyeing the exits. Colin Powell is telling people we won’t like what we leave behind.

Even the good news has a bad side. Happy that al-Zarqawi is dead? Turns out, so is al-Qaida. The smart money says Bin Laden ratted him out so one of his own could take over. This does not count as an improvement.

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Adam_Lanman said...

>>Iraqis see our troops as rapists >>and murderers

Rapists? Not all people in Iraq see us as villains. Only muslim extremists. That's what motivates them: the belief that we are evil.

Now then. The war isn't over, is it? It seems to be shifting to North Korea. Have you ever heard of agent-based simulation? Simulations of pakistan, testing the results of a regime change (from theocracy to democracy) showed total chaos, in most tests. The "war on terror" changed to a search for WMD's, then to a war on the taliban that Bush Sr. created, then to a "regime change". That doesn't look like a "fight for freedom", or whatever other propaganda phrase is used now, but rather like a bad government trying to cover its tracks. We are dependent on oil, our leaders are dependent on success.

And don't get me started on domestic policies.