Sunday, August 13, 2006

London Terror Alert? A Skeptical Round-up

Cartoon xxcerpt from Wondermark via (J-walk)

Several points make the whole affair seem unlikely:
1) The Republicans are joyfully using it for political gain. Via (Phila Daily News)
2) Officials have known about the threat of liquid explosives for years and done nothing. Via (NYTimes)
3) Bush has been trying to cut funds for bomb detection at us airports Via (ABC News)
4) It is unlikely that these chemicals more unstable then nitroglycerine and it requires refrigeration of 10 C or less to be manufactured with any degree of reliability. The idea that this process could be carried out in the cramped washroom of an airliner is fanciful at best.
5) The US rushed the British investigation. Via (
6) These "dangerous" liquids that aren't safe enough for air travel are being mixed into bins in the airport by passsengers (See photo below) , and unopened liquids not safe enough for travel are apparently safe enough to sell on Ebay and donate to homeless groups. Via (CNN)


RagManX said...

I wanted to post a comment back here thanking you for posting on my site. I issued an apology, and hope you realize I intended no malice. I actually agree with your post, and wanted to state that here, so if anyone happened to follow the linkback below to my site, they won't think I really believe you are just a conspiracy theorist.

Thank you for taking the time to write.


steco said...

No insult taken at all, and as I posted on your site, "I had a feeling I was already preaching to the choir." However as time goes on the "conspiracies" have proven true. Although I don't think this gang was competent enough to create 9/11 for their own gain, I do think they are sleazy enough to use it.