Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NY Times sat on the NSA eavesdropping story and helped Bush

Eric Sullivan, from Waunakee, Wis., asked NY Times editor Bill Keller “I’d like to know why you sat on the N.S.A. story. You probably changed the course of an election and likely history to come.”

Holding a fresh draft of the story just days before the election also was an issue of fairness, Mr. Keller said. I agree that candidates affected by a negative article deserve to have time — several days to a week — to get their response disseminated before voters head to the polls.

The NYT is supposed to be liberal, they're the mainstream media. Remember the front page articles fed to them by Cheney's office, then cited by Cheney as proof WMD's existed. (Google Cheney, Chalabi and Judith Miller) The Times promised to be more forthcoming in the future.
Guess the future is a long ways off. Read it from the horse's mouth

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