Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome to the no spin zone: An Apology From A Bush Voter

A Conservative Radio host apologizes for voting for Bush:

"But in the months and years since shock and awe I have been shocked repeatedly by a consistent litany of excuses, alibis, double-talk, inaccuracies, bogus predictions, and flat out lies. I have watched as the President and his administration changed the goals, redefined the reasons for going into Iraq, and fumbled the good will of the world and the focus necessary to catch the real killers of September 11th."

There's just too much truthiness here to quote it all. It looks like the right is finally waking up. He doesn't just lie down and roll over for the Democrats either. It will be interesting to see what the faithful right does with this guy. Go read the rest.
Thanks ArtMart! :)

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