Monday, April 30, 2007

Craig Mosher and his special needs dog

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What sounded like a little story of an animal with a disability, quickly evolved into a tale of great devotion and love. Loois was adopted as a puppy by Craig Mosher and his ex-wife Maria after she saw the severely injured animal on television. The dog had been used as bait for fighting dogs. Loois recovered from the injuries, but in 2004 underwent back surgery and suffered damage to his spinal cord. He lost use of his hind legs.

“Who is running who?” I asked Mosher as he dashed down a rural street with Loois on a rainy Saturday morning in Suncrest, Wash. The 100-pound pit bull is so full of energy, Mosher can hardly keep up with the dog. But keep up he must; Loois relies on his master to provide support for his rear legs.

Mosher’s life revolves around the care of his best friend and he gladly lives up to the commitment.
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