Saturday, April 14, 2007

World Bank staff: Wolfowitz should quit

Wolfowitz, former no 2 at the defense department where he did a "heck of a job" bringing you the war in Iraq, is under fire for promoting his girlfriend and giving her a raise. The White House, not surprisingly stands behind him.
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Anonymous said...

It's not about being a member of a certain administration or being an important person in the world, this is about ethics at the grass-root level.

This act clearly shows that Wolfowitz has absolutely no concern for the people of the world, and is more concerned over any loss of his position due to his actions. Moreover, he does not even show any remorse over his action!

In each and every office, it is a policy to not allow any relationship with a colleague which is looked at being in detriment to the working of the organization. In this case it seems like Wolfowitz is planning to re-write any such policy.

Terrible and absolutely unethical.