Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kittens or Severed Head

This bag by Yael Mer, reminded me of a people watching game I invented. It's kinda like the license plate game but better.

While sitting in the park, you spot some random person carrying a bag or box and try to guess whether they're carrying a bag of kittens or a severed head. (Remember, homicidal maniacs look like everyone else)

Strange game, I know.. but one day, after I'd been playing it for about a year, I saw my sister walking with some guy in the city. She was pretty upset. I called to her a few times but she didn't notice me until the guy pointed me out. She'd started a new job selling exterminating services to office buildings. She was on a field visit that day and the guy was a "technician". She pointed to the plastic grocery bag he was carrying. He had emptied the traps from some building and it was filled with dead rats. He was taking it back to his truck to dispose of them. So maybe not so strange a game. Try it next time you're in the park with a buncha people.

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