Monday, April 30, 2007

Dick Dale - Guitar Shredder

Dick Dale invented surf music in the 1950's, Guitar Player Magazine dubbed him the "Father of Heavy Metal" Self taught he plays left handed and upside down and backwards. Chords are designed to be played right handed, he never restrung the guitar. Fender invented guitars for him and JBL invented amplifiers for him. Music is LOUD because of Dick Dale.

He is a legend, but he's no "prima donna". He has no entourage, shows up in his own ride. He doesn't walk off 5 min before the end of the show pretending to be done, while the crowd pretends to beg him to stay. He prefers to just stay on stage and play. Afterwards, he'll stick around the front of the stage and talk to any fans (dick heads) that want to meet him.

It's amazing to see the genuine awe in the other players faces, as they watch this man, a good 45 years older, just tearing things up leaving them in the dust at 70. "He plays with the same vengeance and power he had in the 1950's." He has a "focus and power as if from mother nature" Don't miss the chance to see him perform live. Phila(5/31)
(Bring ear plugs, you'll need them)

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wierd video.