Friday, January 06, 2006

cnn reports on nsa bugging amanpour

"A senior us intelligence official tells us that our colleague Christianne Amanpour has never been targeted by the National Security Agency and nor has any other CNN journalist."

Which leaves the questions of why Andrea Mitchell asked the question of James Risen, and why NBC pulled the question from the transcripts?

True or not, (and it might still be who knows) it illustrates the dangers of Bush having a good reason to tap someone's phone, in this case Amanpour's news sources that may have terrorist ties. (In August 2002, Amanpour worked on a special that was billed as an inside view of al-Qaeda.) But the implications of who else may have been bugged in the process are pretty scary.

Still havent heard why getting the FISA courts approval (even 72 hrs after the fact) hinders the war on terror. Or, why the NYT disclosing the NSA was listening to phone calls illegally aids the terrorists. Wouldnt they assume we were listening? Doesn't anyone else remember hearing that OBL was using multiple cell phones to communicate so we couldn't trace him?
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