Monday, January 30, 2006

Operation Yellow Elephant

On Monday January 30, the College Republicans will sponsor a "Finish the Job: Support Our Troops" Rally on Capitol Hill in Washington DC (6:00 pm [New Time], American Legion Post No. 8, 224 D St. SE, Metro Capitol South) to support President Bush's January 31 State of the Union address.
Operation Yellow Elephant is urging them to enlist if they're so gung-ho on the war.

Cindy Sheehan said it best: If you support the war, I think you should join it. I hear recruiting numbers are low. It's the College Republicans' day; don't spoil it with anti-Bush counter-protests against the war itself. By encouraging the College Republicans and their supporters, including Protest Warrior, to volunteer for military service: Be A Man! Enlist!, we respectfully and patriotically remind them of their national leadership responsibilities as the future leaders of our governing party, as chosen by the American people.

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