Monday, January 09, 2006

delay recap

from firedoglake
"Now that Tom DeLay has informed Dennis Hastert that he is still calling the shots in the House and has determined what committee he will be assigned to, Republican corruption in Congress is a thing of the past."

from think progress
"DeLay announced his official resignation on Saturday, he also announced he was “reclaiming” his seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee."

Why is there a seat available?
Because Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, R-Rancho Santa Fe pled guilty to charges that he accepted bribes from defense contractors.

And about that Contractor...
Contractor Brent Wilkes, named as “co-conspirator No. 1″ in Cunningham’s plea agreement, has given $30,000 to DeLay

And finally, from think progress again

Video of Delay on Fox claiming a conspiracy to get him to step down.
A conspiracy that in addition to Prosecuter Ronnie Earl and 8 grand juries, includes The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

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