Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bush caught in Love Triangle?

From (Randi Rhodes)
Washington is a buzz with word that Bush and Condi have much more than just a laundry list of war crimes between them. Wayne Madsen reports that Laura has been living in a hotel as a result of extracurricular activity between the two.

FLASHBACK: Condi overheard referring to Bush as her husb -- err -- president.

Image Via ( Media Matters)

Best quote: Via (News Hounds)
Where is Ken Starr? We must have an immediate $50 million investigation to determine precisely where the chimpanzee has been sticking his wee-wee.
Bottom line... We need a defense of marriage act. I dont care anymore about Bush's sex life than I did about Clinton's, and I wont pretend that I do .. there's plenty of other reasons to disapprove of the guy.


Publius said...

Well if you are getting your news from the Globe and you don’t think the Post or Times are liberal that explains a lot.

steco said...

What's wrong with the globe? Don't tell me you're one of those intellectual elitists looking down your nose at the Globe and it's readers.

NYT/Wapo runs some liberal OpEd's, but editorially they're subtler. To the left of Fox News and The Washington Times sure, but then again what isnt?