Saturday, June 10, 2006

Family dog pulls badly injured eight-year-old out of river in Lassie style rescue

A loyal dog called Bud lived up to its name when it saved its eight-year-old master who was in danger of drowning as he lay helpless in a river with two broken arms.

In a Lassie-style rescue, the Welsh border collie-labrador crossbreed pulled Nye Thom--as from the water after he fell 20 feet from a makeshift rope swing.

As the boy lay in two feet of water in the River Tawe, in south Wales, he called his family's seven-year-old dog down from the bank.

Nye managed to wrap his pet's lead round himself. With the other end attached to its collar, Bud dragged him up the embankment. Nye was able to walk to his nearby home and was taken to hospital. An X-ray showed he had broken four bones in his arms.
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